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The Turtles Are Coming


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Turtle season feels early this year.

Near where I live is the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge.

This is a Federal preserve, so it’s protected from development.  I like that.  No high rises on the beach here.  And no artificial lights to confuse the little baby turtles when they hatch.

All that lives in this area are wild sea and coastal birds, osprey, eagles, crabs, snakes, and a variety of small animals you never see, who hide in the native vegetation, past the high dune mark.  This beach is where my beloved turtles come every year to dig their nests in the sand.

Let’s go see.

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Two Quick Snaps


So first off, there’s Ms. Cat.

I love cats.  This was an old kit by JCA.  I generally don’t do kits (their quality can be quite disappointing), but JCA makes very high quality ones.  I like the little heart that the finisher put in the middle of the bow:  an embellishment that adds a nice touch.   Sooo cute!

Here is my turtle story.  I’ve had a thing about turtles since I was fortunate enough to do PR at the American Museum of Natural History in NY, during Dr. Archie Carr’s (the world-famous herpetologist) last years there, and I became aware of the wonders of this endangered species.

Many years later, I moved to Florida, and now live near some unspoiled beaches (no high rises!), where I have seen a real sea turtle coming in to lay her eggs.  This piece is one of my little homages to Archie, who did a lot of conservation work in this state, where he’s been officially honored.  I do a lot of turtles.  So excellent a fishe, indeed!

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