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Heeeeerrrreee’s Freddy!


This absolute  fashion-plate of a frog by Nancy L. King and I go back aways.  By the time I became aware of this dapper big guy, he had been a long-discontinued kit by JCA.

Thus the search began, because I just had to get him. I monitored the auction websites for months:  alas, no sign of Freddy.  I was on the verge of purchasing a stitched model of the piece at a needlepoint shop,  when voilà, he appeared.  I bid, and won him.

Based on the two crowns that are on his vest, not to mention the circles under his eyes, my guess would be that on occasion he really enjoys a quaff or two of the King of Beers.

Anyway, when I went to NY this summer, Freddy came along for the ride. And since it was so hot up there, I spent a lot time stitching him.

Now, he’s  back from the finisher.  Doesn’t he look as spiffy as spiff can be!

Btw, I mostly stitched this frog as JCA instructed. I found some #32 braid black Kreinik in my stash, and used that for his eyes. For the whites, I used the new Kreinik color #5760.

One other thing. I can’t emphasize this enough:  finishers make the piece.

Note the dragonfly in Freddy’s hand, and the chain that attaches his  pocket watch to his waistcoat.

Also, the material my finisher chose for the backing works with all the colors of the canvas, and I’m thrilled with the result.

The thing is, I wonder if Freddy’s checking his pocket watch because he is late for a dinner date at  La Grenouille?

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


For those of you just finishing up with the grand parade on 5th Ave in New York, what a better way, unless you’re stuck up on a lamppost, to spend the rest of St. Paddy’s day, a pint of  Guinness in hand, with some good friends, listening to a recording of the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem sing Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go.  So New York.  So Ireland.

Try to listen to it, without tearing up.  If your heart is truly Irish, it’s impossible.

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New York, New York



Just received a very moody-looking canvas back from the framer.  It is a design called City Lights, by dede, which I did in a multi-stitch pattern for a class.

It so reminded me of NY, as I was stitching it.  I picture it as being dusk, and all the office lights are still on, as everyone is getting ready to go home, and the city that never sleeps unfolds into another beautiful evening.

I’m looking forward to being in Manhattan again next month, and of course will visit my wonderful needlepoint friends at Rita’s and Annie’s, here, and also here.

Look for pics during that visit!

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The Effects of Climate on Needlepointing


Furniture Collection

Quick — which NFL team that shares a stadium with this year’s Super Bowl winner is going to be wearing their jerseys with numbers stitched in Paternayan wool?

While you’re mulling it over, the cat and rooster chairs in my latest pics (check out the new Sedentary Delights page under Finished Models) demonstrate how much can be achieved with the two very simple stitches:  the Continental and the Basketweave.

The hand-carved wooden chairs are from the Philippines.  They were being sold a few years back by CanvasWorks, but I don’t think you can get them anymore.  I was very fortunate to find the perfect gimp and fabric to match both canvases.

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