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Pink Flamingos



This canvas design reminds me of an attractive Visit Florida tourism poster: pink flamingos, oranges, beaches, and plentiful sunshine.

The canvas is 18-mesh mono. I think the flamingo would look lovely if stitched in hot pink Gumnuts “poppies,” combined with a whispy thread, such as Fuzzy Stuff, or Petite Peluche.

I would use the Nobuko stitch for the sand, and, just for excitement, a bargello variation for the ocean, in a sparkly thread like Petite Sparkle Rays. A sparkly woven stitch in a bright green metallic might work nicely for the palm leaves.

But while this design is fine and dandy for the tourist crowd, sometimes what you really want to see is what Florida used to be like, before all the marinas, condos, and million dollar homes on the water.

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Number 9, Number 9, Number 9


It’s amazing what you find by rummaging around your stash closet. I’ve improved the Tropical Moods gallery, adding five new canvases, for a total of nine.  Also added some additional text that tells a little window display story about the gallery, and renamed it Smooth Tropical Moods.  That does it, for now, for this particular one.

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The Top 5 Needlepoint Biz Ideas


Wiki - Photo by Gribiche


We’ve all had the dream.

The one that says, when am I going to open my own needlepoint store?

Then, with the economy still in the doldrums, reality hits.

And it bites.

First, there’s the bloodsucking rent you have to pay each month.

Then comes the stocking up the place with inventory part.

This usually stops most people dead in their tracks, before you even get to any of the other stuff, since, in this business, you often have to pay for most of your merchandise up front.

And there’s no return policy for unsold goods.

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