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The Quilt Makers


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Here’s the cross-stitch canvas I mentioned earlier.  It’s a beautiful design by Betty Friess Baumer, called The Quilt Makers.

I didn’t have it framed with non-glare glass, so it was a bit tricky taking pics.  I solved the problem by photographing in near darkness, and played with the exposure settings on my photo editing software.  This is why not all the pics are consistent with respect to their color values.   Also, there’s some white bleed on the one shot where I used an additional light source.

At any rate, this is a larger piece than the Farmhouse with the Green Doors, which I showed you yesterday.  Quilt Makers is roughly 14 3/4″ x 18 1/2″, and consists of 106,284 individual stitches (excluding backstitches).

It’s stitched on 14 ct white Aida cloth.

Counted cross is generally stitched on Aida cloth, linen, or evenweave fabrics.  One of the nice things about Aida is that you can do angled quarter stitches and get a lot more detail than on needlepoint canvas.  But it’s fair to say that most counted cross projects are also well-suited for stitching on needlepoint canvas.

As large as this piece is, I also have teeny tiny ones on 36 ct linen over 1. Glad I finished those before the eyesight started going on the fritz!

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