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Two Quick Snaps


So first off, there’s Ms. Cat.

I love cats.  This was an old kit by JCA.  I generally don’t do kits (their quality can be quite disappointing), but JCA makes very high quality ones.  I like the little heart that the finisher put in the middle of the bow:  an embellishment that adds a nice touch.   Sooo cute!

Here is my turtle story.  I’ve had a thing about turtles since I was fortunate enough to do PR at the American Museum of Natural History in NY, during Dr. Archie Carr’s (the world-famous herpetologist) last years there, and I became aware of the wonders of this endangered species.

Many years later, I moved to Florida, and now live near some unspoiled beaches (no high rises!), where I have seen a real sea turtle coming in to lay her eggs.  This piece is one of my little homages to Archie, who did a lot of conservation work in this state, where he’s been officially honored.  I do a lot of turtles.  So excellent a fishe, indeed!

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