October Trunk Show brochure


From the snowy Northeast, to sunny Florida, to gorgeous Provence and the Calvados region in France, to a glimpse of  la bella Italy… here is Needlepoint Land’s sampler brochure of its October 2014 Purple Palm Designs trunk show.

To view Susanne and Ellen’s complete line, click on the cover page of the flip brochure, or simply go here.

These new canvases represent two different styles of needlepoint design that mesh together beautifully and form an impressive starter catalog from a brand new South Florida needlepoint design shop.

Hope you like the brochure I made from some of the items that Suzanne brought to the store earlier this week.  As always, any feedback re this flip gizmo, sorry, I meant to say interactive digital brochure, is most welcome and appreciated!!


Needlepoint Land  trunk show

Suzanne at Needlepoint Land


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Take a bite!


iOS app
Okay, some of you have mentioned that the flip catalog does not work on iPhones.

Well, ISSUU has just released the app for iOS, which will enable you now to do so.

You can find it at the Apple app store. Just download it, and it should work just fine. I have a Samsung, so I downloaded the Android version. It works okay, but not as fancy as the desktop version… in particular, you don’t get the cool flip effect, just frames that you can fingertip browse. Well, better than nothing!

I also have not tested Safari on an Apple tablet or desktop device, since Needlepoint Land is a Windows shop (for now!).

But Safari on Windows works fine, that is to say, the flip catalog works the same as it does on Chrome or Firefox running on Windows, so it should also be okay on an Apple OS. Let me know if it doesn’t. Meanwhile remember you have to download the Apple ISSUU widget in order to view the Flipper on an iPhone.

To try it out, here is a test version of the upcoming Purple Palm Designs “catalogue” (I’m just lampooning the pretentiousness of Sotheby’s here) to see the new wrinkle I’ve added: 4 page layouts!

Works nice, I think (who am I kidding: I think the 4 page layout look is kind of awesome!), so go ahead, take a bite, and let me know how it works out on whatever device you are using.


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Tea time



Although it’s not officially scheduled till next month, Suzanne from Purple Palm Designs is dropping by this morning with goodies for their trunk show at Needlepoint Land.

Suzanne has teamed up with talented south Florida watercolor artist, Ellen Negley, to produce a charming line of original needlepoint canvases.

In honor of her visit, here is special little mini brochure that features Tee Time (Design 1.5 x 36, Canvas 5.5 x 40, 18 m), a delightful seaside golf belt that’s aka Mulligans Allowed.

This mini brochure shows a double-page way to display needlepoint belts, which can be a problem to display attractively. You can just ignore the tech notes and go right to the demo.

Look for the Purple Palm Designs trunk show’s brochure to be released sometime in the next week or so.

South Florida needlepoint rules!

sun smiley

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Abstract Sun Smiley from OpenClipArt.

Read & Greg


r and g

Well, it was supposed to be a surprise but my brother Terry already spilled  the beans about Read and Greg visiting Needlepoint Land today.

They were in town for a mini Bronxville reunion and to visit my other brother, Peter.

It was swell to see these two handsome guys stroll into my shop and to have some laughs again.

crabAs you can see, the boys took the opportunity to have some impish fun by putting threads over their ears.

You might notice that Greg on the right is wearing a very fashionable needlepoint belt by Tucker Blair.

Greg wants to learn how to needlepoint via Skype and I have picked the perfect canvas for him, since he lives in Maryland.

It’s perfect for a beginner, small, no shading, perfectly stitch-painted, inexpensive and one of my most favorite canvases.

Too short a visit, Read and Greg.

I hope you both come and visit FL and Needlepoint Land again soon!

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Flippable brochures, next



Traffic is starting to noticeably pick up around here. Must be the cold snap up North.

At any rate, I am having some visitors from Bronxville drop by, and tomorrow the Purple Palm Designs trunk merchandise is coming in.

Meanwhile, I’ve asked the acerooni tech crew to put together an innovative Whimsy and grace brochure, since Wg will be at the store through October.

If the tech crew can tear themselves away from their SUP boards, I want them to try to come up with a 9 page booklet, in landscape format, with all the pics full-page and no margins, and captions at the bottom serving as links.

Wg promoIt makes no sense to produce a full-blown catalog, such as my Destination Dallas one, when a designer or vendor already has a Web site with all the pic images, item numbers, mesh counts, and sizes. This approach will, quite frankly, save a ton of work around here.

So… for trunk shows I’ll publish these flippable brochures, with embedded links back to designer’s Web site. The goal is to have fast-to-make, attractive promotional booklets, without unnecessarily replicating work already done.

Of course I’ll continue to produce full blown in-store catalogs.  These merchandising extravaganzas will feature my now standard 1 canvas per page format, with item info at the bottom.

By the way, the catalog is a success — particularly when you consider that the traffic’s all organic.

Right now about 97% of the viewers are desktop, with the rest being on mobile.  The average view time is 2.5 minutes per potential customer, which is actually quite amazing by Internet standards, where usually viewers are in and out in seconds.

As for the actual traffic to the DD catalog, I won’t reveal the actual total impressions, but I will say that it’s quite promising, and confirms my instinct that flippable catalogs and brochures are the wave of the future at Needlepoint Land.

Lah de dah to that!

Later, gators.


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55 and up


Here it is — finally! — Needlepoint Land’s Destination Dallas flippable catalog.

There are 55+ beauties that made the final cut from the stash I bought at Dallas.

A few items that I purchased did not make it: I simply could not get them to photograph well — and so I left them out.

You’ll no doubt immediately notice that I did not include product numbers or prices: only size and mesh count, and even there I missed out on some.

So please use the catalog page number as a reference point, when you call or email to inquire about a canvas.

Now about the no prices.

There are plenty of discount online outfits that peddle, sorry, sell needlepoint canvases online through a variety of venues. These typically attempt to compete on price.  Some of their canvases are genuine, others, sad to say, are knockoffs of the real thing.

Needlepoint Land is a brick-and-mortar store.

I buy directly from a variety of designers; every needlepoint piece I sell can be authenticated.  If I cannot verify a design, I won’t sell it. There’s absolutely no room for fakes at Needlepoint Land.

I sell at a fair price, but will not engage in a price race to the bottom. And I also offer personalized needlepoint services, which you will not get online.

And that’s all I’m going to say about all that!

Today is Monday, and it’s time for my regularly scheduled, weekly mid morning tennis game.

Hope you like the catalog!

ps.  Here are a few pics of how some of the Destination Dallas merchandise looked earlier this morning, at one of the storefront windows at Needlepoint Land.  There are also some shots of the  display as seen from inside the store.

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